Youth and Children's work at Stranton and Burbank Church

Youth and Children's work at Stranton and Burbank Church

Stranton and Burbank churches are committed to supporting and nurturing the children and young people in the parish.

We have a range of groups for children and young people and we have links with local primary schools too.

The church also supports local 'mini missions' where young people from across Hartlepool come together to consider ways to improve aspects of the town.

For children and young people looking to nurture their Christian faith, but who may not be part of a family coming to church, we have a natural progression through 'Youth Fellowship'. There are also other ways to get involved with the church for individuals and families, for example through 'Messy Church' and 'Lighthouse'.

For many, the first choice of service to attend is our 11.00am Morning Worship at Stranton Church or the the 11.00am service at Burbank Community Church. All our services are suitable for all ages.

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Groups suitable for children and young people
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