Statement of Values

All Saints Stranton is a community that lives to respond to Godís love and grace, as seen in the life of Jesus.

We respond to this love and grace through prayer, worship, and our actions. We have a variety of people in our community and recognise there are many ways of offering prayer, formal and informal, spoken and silent. We have several different styles of worship, all seeking to give glory and honour to God as we see his kingdom at work in our lives, our town, and across the world.

We value the Bible as Godís inspired word and we value the presence, inspiration, wisdom, and power of the Holy Spirit.

We aspire to be:

united in God across all ages, regardless of who we are and without judging;

loving, building open and trusting relationships;

fruitful, living by faith and producing the fruit of the Holy Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, humility, faithfulness and gentleness) each and every day;

collaborative, recognising the strength of working together, whilst valuing the contribution of each person;

forgiving, tolerating mistakes and promoting forgiveness and reconciliation;

growing, helping each person to develop skills and gifts through learning and experience;

thankful and grateful for Godís love and grace;

generous in spirit, in giving of talents, time, and money;

hospitable, showing Godís love to all by offering an unconditional welcome, caring hospitality to those we meet, and faithful service to our community;

partnering, recognised for promoting and building partnerships with other groups who share our values;

missional, proclaiming Godís kingdom and spreading the good news of his love;

nurturing, helping anyone wishing to know more about following Jesus and encouraging their growth in Christian faith.

Rooted in Godís love, Growing together with Jesus, Branching out in the power of the Holy Spirit 
All Saints' Church, Stranton and Burbank Community Church, Hartlepool